The Budget Lady

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Annual Cleanup


Are your books a mess? We’ll help you clean them up for tax preparation and other uses.

Starting at $50/hour

Quarterly Review


Keeping the books yourself, not sure you’re doing it correctly? We’ll review your books and guide you in the right direction.

Starting at $400/year

Full Service


Let us handle your internal accounting & financial functions. From payroll to cash projections & advanced analyses—we handle the complicated stuff.

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Top Accounting Talent

We don’t hire losers. All of our employees are highly educated, experienced, and take great pride in their work.

Flexible Staffing Plans

Every company is unique. We work with your existing staff and processes, to build a customized service plan that fits your business requirements.

Enhanced Internal Controls

Every one of our clients is assigned a CPA and a Staff Accountant, and when needed, an Accounts Payable Clerk. Having multiple people servicing an account, strengthens internal controls in the accounting process.